Drink Menu



Sapporio (12 OZ or 22 OZ)

$5.00 / $9.00

Kirin Ichiban







Coors Light


Michelob Ultra


Sam Adams Boston Lager


Berkshire Brewing Steel Rail (Draft)


Bud Light (Draft)


Seasonal Beers available as well




Delicate fresh with a hint of sweetness For 1 or Teapot for 2

Yaegaki Draft (300 ML Bottle)


Refreshing sweetness and a delightful subtle but complex flavor

Yaegaki Cloud (300 ML Bottle)


Fruity, crisp and livery. Medium body with aromas of warm rice pudding and notes of honey roasted nuts. A pleasant Nigori for desserts

Kurosawa (300 ML Bottle)


An elegant sake that’s semi-cloudy. Easy on the palate with layers of gentle flavors such as melon, star fruit, cream, and a hint of citrus. Semi-dry (a rarity for this type), light and fruity with clean umami finish.

Sake Flight


Try all 4 above!

Premium Wine

Uppercut Cabernet


Dark fruit character and velvety texture. Lush blackberry, black cherry and cocoa expressions. Firm yet approachable tannins (Sonoma, CA)

Castle Rock Pinot Noir


Medium-bodied, offering aromas of cherry, plum, tea, and herbal spice. Smooth palate with silky texture and mild tannins (Greyserville, CA)

Forest Glen Riesling


Strong notes of pear and green tea, with a great balance between acidity and sweetness (Sonoma, CA)

Crème De Lys Chardonnay


A soft, rich, and creamy chardonnay with lush flavors of tropical fruit, baked apples, and citrus. Aging 9 months in French oak add hints of vanilla and creme brulee on the finish (Sonoma, CA)

La Marca Prosecco


Vibrant notes of Apple, White Peach, and Honeysuckle. Soft harmonious notes are highlighted by pleasant acidity (Veneto, Italy)

Fu-Ki Plum Wine


Plums are picked at dawn and processed the same day to keep their dewy freshness and flavor. It’s delicate, light and subtle and delicious. Served chilled in a Sherry glass (Hokkaido, Japan)

Our House Brand, Canyon Road, crafts beautifully structured wines that express true varietal character by their expert winemaker, Rafael Jofre.

Cabernet – Merlot – Sauvignon Blanc – Pinot Grigio – Chardonnay – White Zinfandel (Crane Lake)


Alcohol – Free Beverages

Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri – Virgin Pina Colada


Fruit Punch


Ramune Japanese Soda (Original Flavor)


Shirley Temple – Roy Roger




(Cola – Diet Cola – Lemon Up – Ginger Ale)


(Apple – Orange – Cranberry – Grapefruit – Pineapple)




Chocolate Milk




Goten Signature Cocktails

Blue Hawaiian


A delicious blend of Rum, Pineapple Juice, Blue Curacao and Cream of Coconut



Citrus with a kick! Rum, Blue Curacao, Lemon-Lime soda, and Fruit Juice

Rising Sun


Rum, Maraschino, and Champagne create this sweet and sparkling concoction

Mai Tai


House favorite for over 40 years! Silver rum and Fruit Juice layered with Dark Rum

Malibu Mai Tai


An exotic twist with Coconut Rum and Myer’s Dark Rum



Absolute Vodka mixes elegantly with Chambord and Pineapple Juice

Scorpion Bowl


An individual serving of Light and Dark Rum, Apricot Brandy, Fruit Juice, and topped with 151. Beware the sting!

Pomegranate Sangria


Dry Red Wine, Brandy, Pomegranate Schnapps, and citrus juice are blended harmoniously topped with fresh berries ( Also available in Liter carafes for easy sharing!)

Sake Bomb


Sake and Sapporo. Are you ready to take the plunge?

Pina Colada


Rum, Creme of Coconut and Pineapple Juice are a perennial favorite (Frozen or Shaken)

Strawberry Daiquiri


Rum, Fruit Juice, and Real Strawberries are blended to perfection (Frozen or Shaken)



Just for coffee lovers, with vodka, Bailey’s Irish Cream, and Kahlua. Smooth and Creamy (Frozen or Shaken)

Martinis and Margaritas


Starting at $10.00

Your choice of 1800, Jose Cuervo, Patron, or Espolon in Classic, Pomegranate, Midori Melon, Strawberry, or Blue Curacao



Classic cocktail prepared with Vodka, Triple Sec, Fresh Squeezed Lime, and a splash of Cranberry Juice

Sake Martini


Sake replaces the Vermouth in our house take on the classic martini. Garnish with your choice of olives or twist



Two types of Rum shaken with Creme of Coconut and Pineapple. The result is dangerously delicious!

Lemon Drop Martini


A Vodka based cocktail with Lemoncello and Sour notes. Served with lemon twist and optional sugar rim

Lychee Martini


A mix of Vodka and Soho Lychee liqueur with a splash of Dry Vermouth

Classic Martinis and Manhattans

Starting at $10.00

We have a full bar available to provide your drink of choice. Our staff looks forward to assisting you.


Belvedere, Grey Goose, Ketel One, Tito’s, Stoli


Beefeater, Bombay, Bombay Sapphire, Hendricks, Tanqueray

Bourbon / Whiskey

Canadian Club, Crown Royal, Jack Daniels, Jameson, Jim Beam, Johnnie Walker Red or Black, Makers Mark, Oban Seagrams, Suntory Japanese Whisky